Summerhill Estate. Culinary Retreat.

Summerhill Estate

a culinary retreat with unpretentious vibes overlooking Durban and the Indian Ocean.

Need a place to stay? Something charming, inviting, a home-away-from-home? 

Summerhill Estate Culinary. Retreat.

It seems like you are in the Midlands, without leaving the roads of Durban. In addition, you can enjoy the indigenous gardens same as the picturesque surroundings. The culinary retreat in a peaceful and idyllic atmosphere.

The LivingRoom

Supper Club

It’s a love story about food.

Conveying South Africa from a culinary and lifestyle point of view is our main objective. Therefore, regional products and a sustainable approach are the essence of the Chef’s philosophy. So we want to put a different light on daily used products, either be it madumbe, calabash or pig’s head.

Our kitchen prides itself in producing everything on sight, without the help of industrialised foods. From our garden to your plate.

Great food & company – in our eyes both are elementary for the perfect dinner and we would love to be your companion.

Enjoy the LivingRoom experience every Tuesday to Friday from 18:30 at our Supper Club.