The LivingRoom at Summerhill Estate

Opening times

Even though we really miss you all, we will sadly not be reopening the doors of our Supper Club just yet. As our passion lies in what we do as a whole, offering a limited LivingRoom experience is no option.

However, for all of you gourmets out there, that have missed a huge part of your lives over the last couple of months, we have a plan.

Spoil yourself and loved ones with the Culinary Getaway for 1 or 2 nights.

Culinary Getaway 2 nights
Culinary Getaway 1 night

As travelling and holiday abroad are still very distant at the moment, we bring our favourite holiday destinations to your homes with a bit of a LivingRoom twist.

The Culinary Tour Baskets are more of an easy going version, with more heating up and less cooking needed.

Basket for 2 R 520 / Basket for 4 R 1020

Delivery or collection Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

A story about food.

At the LivingRoom Supper club, our ambition is to showcase Durban’s culinary diversity at an Internationally recognised level. We believe, Durban needs a true representative of its beautiful culinary heritage.

Johannes Richter, our head chef, was raised in Durban and enjoyed the privilege of training and gathering experience in some of the worlds best restaurants abroad.

The aim has always been to come back home and start of a venture that instills Durban and its next generation with pride in that we can offer one of the countries best restaurant by doing what we do best: being ourselves!

We have started this journey with humble beginnings two years ago and have organically grown into the best restaurant in KwaZulu Natal, the only restaurant in this province that has been awarded the prestigious prize of being in the Top 20 Mercedes Benz Eat Out Awards 2019 (coming in at number 13 in the Country).

Unpretentious. Delicious. Real.

No. 13 by the Eat Out Guide

Whether you’re looking for a discreet venue for a romantic evening for 2 or whether your looking for the perfect place to meet with colleagues or customers, our LivingRoom experience is an ideal companion.

The LivingRoom Experience


5 courses   R 520   incl. wine pairing   R 895

6 courses   R 600   incl. wine pairing   R 1050

7 courses   R 680    incl wine pairing   R 1205

non-alcoholic pairing available


The LivingRoom Experience works as a surprise tasting menu on Chef’s choice.

You only have to decide, how many courses you would like to have.


vegetarian options available

vegan menu (please request 2 day in advance)


please inform us about culinary preferences and allergies on reservation